Lucky 13


The line to meet Super Bowl 31 Packer Chris Jacke near the Tundra Tailgate Zone stretched toward Oneida Street.  The Packers Hall of Famer stood under the Sargento tent, graciously greeting each fan Sunday morning.

“Have fun today!” he said after signing t-shirts, helmets and posters.  He even let some devoted fans, like Sargento Administrative Assistant Mary Truttschel (pictured above right), wear his Super Bowl ring.

Chris Jacke stood under the Sargento tent, shaded from the warm November sun as part of our 4th annual ‘Touchdowns for Charity’ food drive at Lambeau Field.  This event kicks off a series of events promoting the program.

“I’ve been living in Green Bay since 1989 so this is home.  I’m originally from Dallas.  My blood has thickened up,” he smiled.  “I love giving back to the community and I know Sargento does as well, so that’s why I’m here today.”


Jacke wore number 13 for the Green and Gold. “Lucky 13” also represented the number of seasons for the ‘Touchdowns for Charity’ program.  Along with the $1500 Sargento donates to hunger relief every time the Packers score a touchdown,  the food drive gets the fans involved with our cause.  This year more fans showed their support.

Sarge, our new mascot, posed for pictures with fans adding to the fun and excitement.  The temperature was nearly 60 degrees, which kept the Sargento footprint very busy.

“I never knew we did this until I saw it on Block TV in the lunchroom,” said Judy Klein who works in Kiel.  “That’s why I came on over.”

Klein and her husband, Tom, joined the action to show their support for Sargento.

“This is an awesome company. Sargento really takes care of their employees.  You don’t see that anymore,” said Tom Klein who retired from Sargento.  “We live a block away from Kiel right near the north roundabout,” he laughed.

Another Sargento family member stood in line to meet Jacke because of his hairstyle back in the day.


“He had his little mullet going on,” smiled HR Director Sherri Samuels-Fuerst alongside her good friend Deb Develski (pictured left). “You betcha!  I have two of his football cards!”

Samuels-Fuerst didn’t just show up to stroll down memory lane, she brought food donations as well.

“This is fantastic.  Feeding people is core to what we do at Sargento,” she said.

Sargento Administrative Assistant Ann Voigt made it to the tent with her sister-in-law and her niece.


“Chris Jacke held my niece when she was just a baby.  Now she’s 23!” said Voigt pointing to a photo of Jacke with her niece on his knee.  “I had a crush on Chris Jacke so I brought her with me to Sheboygan Chevrolet to meet him way back when.  He was my favorite player.”

It seemed Jacke was everyone’s favorite during the event because he spent a lot of time with each fan and listened to their stories.  The steady stream of fans was one of the best showings so far which boded well for our fight against hunger.

Team Sargento
Team Sargento: Ann Vogit, her sister-in-law Mary Platz and her niece Erin Platz all grown up!
Team Sargento: Tom and Judy Klein
Team Sargento: Fred and Janice Wallo
Sargento family members with partners from the Hunger Task Force, Paul’s Pantry, Sanford restaurant in Milwaukee and our agency Golin