Diversity, Equity
​​​​​​​& Inclusion
Our commitment to DEI is demonstrated in our people first culture.
At Sargento, we stand by our values of People, Pride & Progress. Our business was built on the premise of family, and we welcome all to be part of the sargento family. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is about everyone and their unique contribution and perspective. We commit to being courageous, curious, inquisitive, and empathetic. We will continue to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything we do in our workforce, workplace, marketplace, and community.
The appreciation and respect for individual experiences, perspectives, skills, characteristics and backgrounds that we each bring to the workplace
Meaningful Experiences
Recognize and acknowledge all employees have different needs that may require adjustments to ensure fair treatment
Significant Relationships
An environment that is intentional about recognition, appreciation and effectively utilizing the talent, skills and perspectives of every employee
Valuable Skills
The feeling of safety and support where differences are valued and respected

Belonging at Sargento

"Sargento has a motto of  “hire good people and treat them like family” and I’ve felt that spirit come to life since the day I started. The people I work with are collaborative, supportive, and who accept me for who I am. I can honestly say that I have felt like I have belonged here each day of my 14 years at Sargento."
Kate Alvarado
Director of Insights
"When I joined the Sargento Family, I had an infant at the time and my main concern was the work-life balance. I felt welcomed, not only from my team but from other teams including the leadership. Being a part of the founding team for the Multicultural Alliance at Sargento Employee Business Group, really brought to life the belonging aspect here at Sargento."
Takiyah Ball
Food Safety Microbiologist
"At Sargento, there is an established culture of belonging and inclusion where people are encouraged to be their authentic selves. I am always grateful for being recognized for my unique contributions and feel blessed to come to work every day knowing that I can make a difference in the company – for others and myself. I value the high-level of organizational commitment and engagement with members at all levels."
Mary Byrne

Assistant Marketing & Innovation Manager

“Sargento is an amazing company. They do not look at you as just an employee or a number - they welcome you and treat you as family from Day 1. We have great benefits, awesome people and a safe environment. When I come to work, it’s always a pleasure because I feel that I’m doing my part to continue to help this wonderful place move forward."

Carlos Castillo
Truck Driver
"The company culture values individuality and welcomes employees to bring their own selves to work each day. This makes us a better, more creative company overall, and it also makes the workplace more pleasant. I am grateful to work for a company that recognizes the value of fostering a welcoming environment for employees of all backgrounds, from which I have gained invaluable insights."
Kartik Shah
Research & Development Technology Principal
"Sargento accepts peoples’ differences in ideas, experiences and skills. Our differences are embraced and valued."
Pa Lee

Director Strategic Sourcing

"The ‘Power of WE’ as we refer to it at Sargento is strengthened when we all employees feel seen and heard. As an Employee Business Group (EBG) Chair, I’m honored to support efforts that continue to advance our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) efforts at the company. I believe that embracing and promoting a true sense of belonging is key to our continued success as an organization."

Nikki Mamuric
New Platform Development Director

Your Story. Our Strength.

At Sargento, your story is our strength. Our organization is built on a foundation of respect and mutual support, guided by our people first values and culture principles. By focusing on an intentional and purposeful strategy for DE&I, we ensure Sargento will continue to be an inclusive workplace where all employees have an opportunity to reach their full potential and have a sense of belonging.
Women's Influence Network
at Sargento

WINS is an employee-led business group (EBG) at Sargento. Its mission is to grow the Sargento culture by empowering women. WINS serves as a valuable resource for current and potential employees by providing opportunities for Career and Personal development – one of the core values of Sargento. The group offers networking opportunities to help strengthen and build relationships within the organization.
Multicultural Alliance
​​​​​​​at Sargento​​​​

MAS is an employee-led business group (EBG) at Sargento, whose mission is to nurture the Sargento people-first culture, with the spirit of inclusion. It builds understanding by sharing knowledge, advice and experiences while fostering Mutual Support – one of the core values of Sargento. The group is composed of employees from diverse cultural backgrounds and allies who celebrate diversity.
Emerging TalentA

SET is an employee-led business group (EBG) at Sargento. Its mission is to represent the interests and development of emerging talent and help build generational connections within the Sargento Family, supporting DE&I and our company values of People, Pride & Progress. The group builds bridges by offering opportunities to share experiences, with starting a new job, living in a new community, and growing a career.
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