If you’re ready for the right place to explore and grow your career, ​​​​​​​you can find it here.
You’ll be inspired by our outstanding work-based learning experiences. You can manage real projects that make a difference to your career and our company.
Valuable Skills
Valuable Skills
At Sargento, you’ll gain professional skills while leading projects aligned with business goals.  You’ll learn how to grow your critical thinking and communication skills with different teams.  This all happens in a collaborative, supportive environment.
Meaningful Experiences
Meaningful Experiences
We provide real-world experiences that help you become successful in your area of study and career path. Sargento experiential learning projects provide you with opportunities to connect your classroom learning with understanding the type of work you will be doing after you graduate.

Significant Relationships
Significant Relationships
Meet and connect with members of the Sargento Family from our employees to our partners in the community. Your direct supervisor will be your mentor, helping you grow professionally and even personally. These relationships help build your network with connections that can last a lifetime.

Why Students Love Sargento

"An amazing experience and company where I was treated with trust, respect and care both as a person and a professional."
"Working at Sargento was a great experience because I was given real projects with actual impact and employees across many departments (outside my own) who were more than happy to help!"
"A family environment that wants nothing less than the best for you."

Your Success. Our Opportunities.

At Sargento, you work for a company you believe in, with a family of people who believe in you. Imagine working in an environment of trust, honesty and fairness. A place where people are valued above all else and your contributions make a difference.
Career Development
For High School & College/University Students
Career Experiences
1. Explore and tour our company and manufacturing facilities
2. Participate in career conversations with employees in your career area of interest
3. Duration: Half Day/3 Hours/Thursday Mornings
Career Development
For High School & College/University Students
Mentoring Circles
1. Small groups of students and employees connect, learn and discuss career topics of interest.
2. Duration: 2 days per year/3 hours each/Winter and Summer
Paid Positions
For High School Juniors and Seniors
Youth Co-Ops
1. Combination of observation and hands-on work-based learning experiences
2. Explore a variety of careers in manufacturing operations
3. Duration: 4 Months/ 200 hours/ Position posts in November and starts in January
Paid Positions
For High School & College/University Students
Youth Apprenticeships
1. Training opportunity with a mentor through a work-based learning experience
2. Opportunities in: Information Technology, Engineering, Quality, Supply Chain, Maintenance and Production
3. Duration: 9 months/450 hours/Positions post in February and start in June
Paid Positions
For College/University Juniors and Seniors
1. Semester work-based learning experience
2. Opportunities in: Engineering, R&D Packaging and Quality
3. Duration: 7 months / 1,050 hours / Positions post in September and start in May
Paid Positions
For College/University Juniors and Seniors
1. Summer work-based learning experience
2. Opportunities in: Research and Development, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain, Production and more
3. Duration: 12 weeks / 350 hours / Positions post in September and start in May
Paid Positions
Paid Positions
For High School Seniors 18 years old, Two Year College & Four Year University Students
General Production Student
1. Work 16-24 hours per week year round, 8-hour shifts, over $21/hour and up to $5,250/year for tuition
2. Flexible work schedule around school schedule
3. Duration: one year to multiple years while enrolled as a full-time student

Your Fun. Our Perks.

Career Development
  • Young Professional Events
  • Team-building Activities
  • Mid-Point and Final Evaluations
  • Employee Business Groups
  • Weekly Huddles
  • ​​​​​​​Mentorship
Health & Wellbeing
  • Exercise Classes
  • Healthy Living Challenges
  • Health Screenings
  • Health Fair
Benefits & Perks
  • Paid Relocation & Housing​​​​​​​
  • Nationally Competitive Pay
  • Flexible Work Week: Optional remote Mondays and Fridays with half day Fridays.
  • Company Picnic & Christmas Party
  • United Way Day of Caring
  • Discount tickets to events and attractions
  • Company Store
“It’s awesome that Sargento has a tuition reimbursement program and invests in me and anyone who wants to further their career. It wasn’t easy, but at least it was all paid for.  I have two little boys and I wanted to set an example for them, so after many long nights and early mornings, I earned my bachelor’s degree all while working full-time.  Now I’m working on my master’s.”

– Kyle Mueller, Second Shift Production Supervisor
Tuition Reimbursement
Sargento encourages life-long learning.  That's why we provide tuition reimbursement for employees pursuing associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  You can pursue a degree related or unrelated to your role with the company, with no time commitments.  All full-time employees who have completed their 90-day training period are eligible to participate. Part-time employees with one year of service are eligible for 50% of the tuition reimbursement benefit.
Student Loan Refinancing
Sargento partners with SoFi – a leader in student loan refinancing - offering all employees and their family members a way to help lower their payments and pay it off faster.  If you sign up and qualify, you may receive a $300 ‘welcome bonus’ just for being a member of the Sargento Family.
Join our talent community
Join our talent community Stay connected, keep in touch and learn about new job openings.​​​​​​​